For most children, growing up involves going to school, making friends and playing sport; but for children with cancer and other life limiting conditions, these everyday activities are all too often out of their reach.

Lifelites (Charity No. 1115655) is the only charity that provides cutting-edge assistive and educational technology packages for children and young people in children’s hospices.

Lifelites has expanded its operations to include all 50 children’s hospices across the British Isles — which together care for some 9,000 children and families.


What does Lifelites provide to children's hospices?

Lifelites packages include installation, training and dedicated technical support and allow the children and their families, whose lives are punctuated by hospice visits, to access the latest inclusive educational and fun computer and gaming technology.

In addition to computers, Lifelites packages also include camcorders, digital cameras, printers, televisions and disability friendly gaming equipment, ensuring children with life-limiting conditions can continue their education, pursue their interests and keep in touch with family and friends.

Children’s hospices don’t pay a penny for their Lifelites package, therefore donations towards a Lifelites package need to be made directly to Lifelites and, upon request, donations can be restricted to a particular Lifelites project at a hospice of your choice.

How do we support Lifelites?

Originally founded as our millennium project, Lifelites became a charity in its own right in providing the opportunity to seek funds from both Freemasons and non-Masonic sources.

We continue to support Lifelites through the provision of office premises and accountancy services to help keep their overheads to a minimum, but we do not provide any financial support or grants to fund its charitable work.

Our in-kind support means Lifelites can ensure that all donations received can be used directly to provide technology in order to improve the lives of children in hospices.

Further information

If you want to know more or would like to help fund the Lifelites project at your local children’s hospice.