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The TT Course Challenge: Raising funds with tight leathers and blisters

On 31 August, Nottinghamshire Freemason Dave Binch will undertake the first part of his two-day TT Course Challenge to raise funds for the RMTGB.

Every year, tens of thousands of biking enthusiasts travel to the Isle of Man for the world-famous Classic TT races. Later this month, Dave will take part on his Yamaha motorbike. Once he has completed the 37.8 mile track on two wheels he then plans to attempt a second lap – on foot.

The idea for the double challenge was developed by Dave and a few of his brethren from Elliott Lodge in Nottinghamshire when they visited the Isle of Man TT races. Dave raced motorcycles semi-professionally in the early-1990s and was keen to relive his youth while also raising money for charity.

Speaking about the challenge, Dave said “It really is two extremes – 150mph one day and then 4mph the next. Funnily enough I'm actually more nervous about the motorbike part of the challenge. I'm worried about the speeds because if something goes wrong it could be catastrophic. I don't want to go at a sedate pace, I want to enjoy it. With the running, I know as long as I've done the training, I can do it.”

First, Dave has had to fully rebuild his bike – over 25 years since he last rode it. He will test the bike several times before the TT Challenge, which will take place on a notoriously dangerous course with over 200 corners.

So far, Dave has raised over £3,500 for the RMTGB and hopes to raise £5,000 in total.