Further Support

As well as our main funds, we administer many subsidiary funds and charities which can offer further support to children and young people.

Most of our subsidiaries are distinct funds that have been designated by their donors to be used for specific purposes.

Through these subsidiary funds and charities we are able to provide further support to a limited number of young people to enable them to embrace life-changing opportunities which cannot be supported from our main funds.

Support available

Our subsidiary funds can help to support young people with the cost of overseas educational travel or undertaking charitable activity abroad.

We also provide safe, affordable accommodation at Ruspini House (pictured above) in central London which can accommodate up to 27 students or young people wishing to undertake work experience in the capital. Support for other accommodation costs away from a young person's usual place of residence can also be considered in some instances.  Preference is always given to our existing beneficiaries, but when space is available, rooms are let to other young people with a Masonic connection. For more information on Ruspini House.


The majority of the support available from our subsidiary funds is used to support children and young people with a Masonic connection, but some funds are able to support any boy or girl as well as those with a Masonic connection.

All applications made to our subsidiary funds are considered on individual merit and the applicant's circumstances. As with all of our support, applications to our subsidiary funds are assessed on the basis of financial need.