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Hampshire & IOW Freemason walks the line for the RMTGB

On 29th of August, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Freemason, Paul Moriarty, undertook a challenge to circumnavigate the London Underground Circle Line by walking the route above ground. He visited 27 stations along the way and covered a distance of 14.5 miles. Heavy rain was predicted, but fortunately the seven hour walk was completed just before the downpour.

Paul was motivated to fundraise for the Trust by personal experience. He said: “My own Province are proudly supporting the RMTGB through our current Festival which began and concludes, however I particularly wanted to fundraise for the RMTGB due to the support they provide in enabling children and young people to overcome the effects of poverty. Having been brought up in London's East End where many families with young children at the time, including my own, struggled through times of financial hardship, it has been personally pleasing to assist others via the RMTGB who have been affected in the ways we once were.”

Paul was delighted by the support he received from Freemasons from his Province and further afield, including Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Michael Wilks, Area Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Jon Whitaker, and a number of Brethren that surprised Paul at the finish line. He is also incredibly grateful for the sponsorship he received from people outside of the Masonic community.

‘The Circle Line Walk’ was a popular topic of conversation on social media on the day, and Paul believes that this was instrumental in promoting his efforts which raised over £1,000 for the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.