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“So mote it be!” Freemasons free fall to fundraise for RMTGB

Continuing a recent wave of fantastic fundraising events in Hampshire and Isle of Wight, on Saturday 10th October Nigel Moran and Andrew Paice of the Prince of Wales Lodge in Gosport completed the Sky Tower 100ft Free Fall Challenge in Tivoli Friheden, Arrhus, Denmark to raise funds and awareness for the RMTGB – and they did it dressed as Batman and Robin.

Nigel and Andy were keen to support their Province’s Festival, but Nigel was also motivated by his wife’s experience. He said: “My wife lost her father at a young age and understands the impact of such a loss on the family, so she encouraged me to do something different and raise money.

On the day of the challenge, Nigel and Andy were excited but understandably nervous. Nigel described the lift ride up to the 100ft platform as ‘slow’ but said that this gave them an opportunity to reflect on the cause they were supporting.

At the top, Andy suggested that Nigel – or should we say Batman – should go first. After being clipped into the harness and swung out above the net, Nigel shouted out “So mote it be!” before free falling 100ft.

Nigel then watched from below as Andy did the same. Both men felt a huge sense of relief and achievement after completing the challenge. Their sense of achievement was reinforced when they realised they had raised over £1,000 – double their original target.

Eager that all donations be given to the Trust, Nigel and Andy self-funded the trip to Denmark and, as an added bonus, the staff at Trivoli Friheden insisted on waiving the cost of the challenge.

Nigel said: “Our fellow Masons have been wonderful. We have received many messages of support from all our Lodge members, and just as much support from our visitors and neighbouring Lodges.

“We would like to give special thanks to our kind and supportive families, especially our wives, Joanne and Sharon, our friends and our work colleagues, for giving us their encouraging words and kind donations.”

A video of Nigel and Andy’s challenge is now on YouTube and can be viewed here.