Case Studies

The following case studies provide an overview of the real circumstances our beneficiaries face and the support we have provided to relieve poverty and advance education.


Ewan, aged seven, is the son of a Freemason. He had a brain hemorrhage shortly after birth which has left him with mobility problems. We have provided a maintenance allowance to his family.


Ellie came to our attention when her father left the family home. She has been receiving termly maintenance allowances, assistance towards music lessons, clothing grants and a travel allowance. We will continue to support Ellie as long as there is a need. We also support Ellie's younger brother.

William and Phoebe

William’s Freemason father died at the age of 47 following an illness. At this time, William was only two years old and his step-sister Phoebe was only eight. We have provided maintenance grants to help their mother meet the day-to-day needs of the children in addition to supporting childcare costs to enable her to return to work.

Charlie, Daniel and Aidan

Charlie, 12, Daniel, nine, and Aidan, seven, received our support when the recession took its toll on their father’s small business and it collapsed. This had a devastating impact on his family’s finances and we provided maintenance allowances to ensure that the education and welfare of his children did not suffer during this difficult time. In our experience, families looking to cut back their spending are often forced to sacrifice extra-curricular activities, but our support enabled the boys to continue their favourite sports including swimming, football and cricket.


Ben aged 10, is one of three brothers. He has a form of cerebral palsy which affects his mobility. We have been able to help Ben and his family by providing equipment to support his mobility needs, a respite holiday and a computer. Ben’s grandfather has been a Freemason for over 20 years.


Luke, aged 19, is a hugely talented cyclist and a multiple cyclo-cross champion. He is currently ranked 3rd in the world for his age group. We have been supporting Luke with a general TalentAid grant. This allows him to compete at national and international level by helping with his equipment and travel costs.


Rhonwen is 16 years old. She is a talented young canoe sprinter whose sporting career has developed significantly since she took up the sport at the age of seven. She now regularly competes in national competitions and is hoping for a place in Team GB at the Olympics. Because her parents have illnesses which have reduced their ability to work, the family income is insufficient to support her promising career. We contributed towards the cost of a new kayak through our TalentAid scheme to ensure that Rhonwen is able to compete at the highest levels.