TalentAid helps to support the children, step-children and grandchildren of Freemasons who are exceptionally talented in music, sport or the performing arts. The Freemason must be a member of a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England.

Eligibility and applications


Candidates must intend to pursue their talent as a career and must be able to demonstrate exceptional talent. This could be by passing recognised examinations, gaining entry to highly competitive schemes, groups or courses, or by performing at regional and national levels.

Grants are not available to fund a hobby or so that an academically gifted child can attend a better school.

Assistance with school fees for performing arts students can only be considered if they attend a Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA) accredited establishment, see the list here.

The RMTGB is only able to consider assisting with school fees for other disciplines if the applicant attends a choir school, a specialist music school (such as Chetham’s School of Music) or a specialist Sports College (such as Millfield) and is doing so based on their exceptional talent.

In most cases where fee grants are agreed, parents will be expected to make a contribution.

Support available


Grants can be awarded to assist with ongoing costs such as sports coaching, advanced music lessons and the purchase of one off items such as a musical instrument or sports equipment.

As the RMTGB is a poverty charity, all applications are subject to a financial test. Candidates must apply for all other sources of available funding such as grants, scholarships and sponsorship.

Support is agreed for a set period of time and subject to both an annual financial review, and confirmation that the candidate’s talent continues to develop.

Application process

The scheme is competitive and has limited funds. Each year, TalentAid applications for the academic year starting that September will be considered together at the Masonic Support Committee meeting in the preceding July.

For those seeking support for the academic year: 
The TalentAid scheme has closed for this academic year so we are not accepting any further applications.

For those seeking support for the academic year: The scheme is now open. There are three parts to the application:

You can download an application form .

You can download a supporting statement form .

You can download a tutor/coach reference form .

The specific TalentAid tutor/coach reference form and supporting statement form must be completed for an application to be considered. They are used to help the Committee identify the very best candidates. We will not accept alternative documents in place of any of the TalentAid application forms. If the candidate is under 16 years old a parent/guardian may complete the supporting statement on their behalf, if they wish.

If we do not receive all three parts of the application, your application will not be progressed.

Each eligible application will be scored and presented to the Masonic Support Committee for a decision in July.

The deadline for completed applications (with all three parts) to reach us. Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

Please return completed forms to

Alternatively, write to RMTGB – TalentAid Scheme, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ.

You will receive an acknowledgment email once your application has been received.

Further information

If you have any questions about the TalentAid scheme, please contact a member of the RMTGB Case Adviser team.